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SciTe command-line launcher

This is a very simple Windows command-line tool for opening text files in SciTe from the command prompt. The files are opened as tabs in an existing SciTe window (if one is found, otherwise a new window is opened).


scitecmd [file] options                                    

Command line interface to scite. Opens the specified file  
in the current SciTe window.                              


   -h          Print this help text.                       
   -l line     Go to line number line in the file.          
   -f text     Find the text text in the file.             
   -i text     Insert text in the file.                    
   -n          Create a new empty window.                  
   -s          Open a new window with STDIN content.       
   -c cmd      Raw scite command.      


Source code


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